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~We are a full service hosting provider~
arrowlist_icon2x.png 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support
arrowlist_icon2x.png 99.99% Uptime
arrowlist_icon2x.png Weekly SEO Report
arrowlist_icon2x.png Website Monitoring Service
arrowlist_icon2x.png Daily Backup Included
arrowlist_icon2x.png Application Programming Service Available
arrowlist_icon2x.png Design Service Available
arrowlist_icon2x.png Free Advice and Support From Specialist
arrowlist_icon2x.png Free Site Migration for cPanel Account
arrowlist_icon2x.png No Contract for Our Service
arrowlist_icon2x.png Managed Hosting Support
arrowlist_icon2x.png Simple-To-Use Control Panel
arrowlist_icon2x.png Superfast SSD Drive Available
arrowlist_icon2x.png Tier-1 Bandwidth
arrowlist_icon2x.png Multiple Data Centers Across the World
arrowlist_icon2x.png IPv4/IPv6 Supported
arrowlist_icon2x.png Anti-DDoS
arrowlist_icon2x.png Web Application Firewall Available
arrowlist_icon2x.png Shared / VPS / Dedicated / Cloud service
arrowlist_icon2x.png Multiple Operation Systems Available
arrowlist_icon2x.png One-Click App Install
arrowlist_icon2x.png Money-Back Guarantee

How it works

1. Select -> 2. Propose -> 3. Submit

Hosting Type:
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Special Request:


Determine what you need

For Hosting Type, more private settings result in a more costly service. For most website situations, swimming in a ginormous pool with others is perfectly fine.

Generally, it's "the higher the better" for storage, speed, memory and bandwith. If you are not sure about what you need, feel free to tell us more in the Special Request area and we will help you to customize.

Support wise, swimming in the ginormous pool with others automatically includes the luxury of a lifeguard (support). Only if you are on VPS or Dedicated server, will you want to get the fully-managed service


In terms of price

How much would you like to pay for the service that you specified above? Please provide your price on a monthly basis.

How much to pay per month:

Or tell us your creative proposal:


In terms of priceless "Things"

We strongly believe in the philosophy, "The most important things in life are not things." We do take special references and barters into consideration in exchange for our hosting services!

  • Would you sing a song about our service and post it on YouTube?
  • Would you invite everybody you know to 'Like' us on Facebook?
  • Would you put our domain name in your advertisement?
  • Would you do a break dance for us?
  • Would you donate to charity in our name?
  • Would you wear our logo when doing Habitat for Humanity or on a mission trip?
  • Would you ... ? (The possibilities are endless!)


Send us your proposal

That's it! Just let us know how to contact you and submit this request. One of our staff members will be with you shortly. We will make every attempt to meet your needs and accept your proposal. Just wait for our reply via email!

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